When the founder decided to transition into the fashion industry, the vision was clear : to create a brand that promotes a positive image of the female body, regardless of its measurements, and to contribute to the revolution of production methods in the textile industry. 

POJ is the acronym for Piece Of Joy, a name rich in meaning for the creator, for whom clothing can also have a spiritual dimension : she has the habit of metaphorically put on a garment of joy when waking up. She hopes that, upon seeing one of her pieces in their wardrobe, her clients will be reminded that a day filled with hope and joy awaits them, and that they themselves can be "pieces of joy" in the lives of people they encounter. 


The poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou, urging women to recognize their worth and beauty, whether they conform to conventional standards or not, inspired the concept of creating clothing that adapts to the curves of customers so that they never feel like something is "wrong" with their body shape again. 

The creator also draws inspiration from her Caribbean origins: her memories of marveling at the diversity and beauty of exotic fruits on display at the Pointe-à-Pitre market, the period costumes, the elegance, petticoats, and headdresses of Guadeloupean women are all treasures that feed the founder's creativity.



Our skirts are conceived to evolve with body variations. One skirt can fit three size. You choose your usual size and your skirt will still fit you if you loose or gain one size. These adjustable designs allow a skirt to fit multiple body shapes. 


Our clothes are made-to-order : several times a year, a new design is released and will be available until stocks are exhausted. Once you have placed your order, manufacturing and delivery take 4 to 6 weeks. 


At POJ PARIS, we are passionate about quality materials. We can spend hour to seek and find the most beautiful fabrics and the most sustainable ones. Also, we use deadstock fabrics, collected from couture house, offering you exclusive collections, almost unique pieces. 

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