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1. La Jupe Hibiscus Rose Bonbon

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La Jupe Hibiscus gets its name from the flower with airy and dancing petals.

The circular cut of La Jupe Hibiscus allows it to conform to the body's shape without constriction and provides comfort around the hips.

The waist of the skirt has an elastic band at the back. Subtle, it allows the skirt to adjust to variations in this area of the body. A skirt made in size 38 can also be suitable for a size 36 and a size 40.

High waist
Invisible zipper on the left side
Skirt length is 75 cm (29,5 in) for a size 38.

Product details :
The Rose Bonbon version of La Jupe HIBISCUS is made from a blend of linen and cotton, sourced from deadstock of a couture house.
This skirt is made in France.

Care instructions :
Hand wash in cold water. Gentle ironing. Do not tumble dry.

Preorder :
This garment is made to order. Please allow a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for the making and delivery.

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